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What Are You Grateful For? What Makes Your Heart Go Pitter-Patter?

Updated: Mar 18

Isn't it fascinating how a momentary thought can turn into an entire deep dive into one's own feelings and musings on life? Welcome to my headspace where art manifests both physically and existentially.

This is an original watercolor painting by me. Please visit my Etsy shop to like or purchase my original art: byMelissaAnneStudio

I was on a walk this morning and stopped for a moment to gaze at some lovely new homes that are being built downtown in the small bay-side town where I live. I observed all of the details of those gorgeous, two-story homes and had a momentary fantasy about living in one. The proximity to everything walk-able is so appealing. That said, my cozy cottage is only about three blocks away from those gorgeous homes, and I can, in fact, walk to all of the things as those residents.

That thought reminded me to stop and express my gratitude for what I already have, starting with a mortgage that is a fraction of the cost of the mortgage of one of those homes. I have a beautiful old magnolia tree, a haven of ferns, and a private back yard for my dog and bonfires with friends. My home is cozy and has been well-loved throughout the years. Once upon a time, I prayed for all of the things I now have. Sometimes I need to stop and remind myself how I am so immensely grateful.

I'm not saying that I reprimanded myself for dreaming about those homes and that I am done manifesting my life because my prayers have been answered. I believe that to live is to dream, and I am constantly dreaming. There's so much in this life that I want and that I am working toward. Sometimes I just need to refocus and remind myself of the things that really make my heart go pitter-patter.

One thing that makes my heart sing is to be out in nature, exploring and discovering. I am grateful for fresh air, the smell of forest dew, the feel of the tide pulling grains of sand from beneath my bare feet, the overwhelming beauty of a sunrise or sunset. None of those things cost a dime. They are all free and readily available.

It is in gratitude for this life that I look toward the things which call to my heart.

I am grateful for my family and friends, old and new. I love living on the coast, but I also love the mountains of my youth, the place where my roots still hold fast in the ground. My dream is to hold residence in both places someday. What would they call me then, if not a snowbird? A summerbird, perhaps? I'll take that.

So, yes, I would love to live downtown in a great big, beautiful house (who wouldn't, really?) in an artsy southern town, but that's not my actual dream. Someday, I'll get my wish, and I'll have my dream...and then I will continue to dream and dream and dream until I take my final breath and the wings of my soul take flight.

What are YOU grateful for? What makes YOUR heart go pitter-patter? I'd love to know!

As always, Carpe Diem, my friend,

Melissa Anne

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