The Adventures of Biscuit and Mer-Dog

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

It's been quite the eventful summer for my sweet little doggies. They have cozy new car seats and had the best adventure of their lives, chilling with the dachshund cousins in Grand Isle, Louisiana.

My senior dog, Biscuit, had an encounter with a crab. Luckily, the little guy didn't pinch, but Biscuit did do a brief, full mouth tasting. The crab survived and Biscuit had no regrets.

My sweet Biscuit is enjoying his senior years, taking long naps on his softer-than-clouds bed in the living room. His tiny dachshund legs just don't get his body around like they used to. When we take walks in the evening, he mostly rides in his stroller. He's always delighted when people stop to give him pets and cuddles. In the photo below, Biscuit is on the far right.

Ellie makes the majority of cameo appearances in my Instagram and other social media because she's my shadow. She's always by my side and happy to be part of whatever it is that I'm doing. We recently bought her a life jacket so she can go kayaking with us.

She did really well out on the water for the first time. She liked it when we were all together as a group. Whenever everyone else got ahead or behind, she became nervous, but as long as we were all together, she seemed content to perch at the bow of my kayak and take in all of the sights and new smells.

Until next time.

Carpe diem, my friend!

Melissa Anne

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