The Beauty of Creation

Have you ever watched a fascinated baby, puppy, or kitten play with water? Whether the water is puddled in the grass, dripping from a faucet, hose, or the sky, it is captivating to a tender soul. I still feel that same draw to water that I did when I was young. I love being out on the water in my kayak, surrounded by the beauty of creation.

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water." --Loren Eiseley

I snapped this photo of my husband as the sun dipped below the horizon, bringing a gentle close to a beautiful day on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay. I am so grateful to live in a coastal town, surrounded by bays, bayous, rivers, creeks, inlets, and watersheds, all leading to the ocean.

Watching the sun set or rise over a body of water only confirms the magic of creation contained in each and every drop.

Until next time.

Carpe diem, my friend!

Melissa Anne

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